About Me Hello, and welcome to my website.

Currently, I co-host a running show at UCB NY called The Trash King, which is a tournament of bits celebrating comedy that is both stupid and high commitment. It was recently featured in the New York Comedy Festival and written up in Jezebel.

I also write and make short films. You can find info on my most recent short Pick a Random Number below.

I'm also a writer for Maude Night (house sketch team program) at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC. My new team is called Ponyboy. We'll be performing monthly starting early 2024. My old team was called Peach, and I think we were really great 🙂

Before that, I wrote for several indie sketch groups, the PIT team Like Butter, and the Boogiemanja team Cherry, Cherry. I also interned for CollegeHumor 2012-2013, and had a recurring role in the Jake & Amir web-series as Mike Fink.

I also work as a software engineer at Google, working on Java and C++ binaries supporting Google Shopping. As you might have guessed from the general layout of this website, I am a backend developer.



PDFs available on request

Shrek’s in the City: a fish-out-of-water comedy pilot that features Shrek, who, for reasons unknown to him, has taken the form of a human man living in modern-day New York City. Things go a little haywire as he learns to adjust to our crazy way of life!
The Content Moderator: a horror/sci-fi screenplay about a contract moderator working for a large social media company who starts seeing personally disturbing imagery in his review queue.


Pick a Random Number: (DocuFiction / Comedy) - A scientist explains how computers measure naturally occurring phenomena to "pick" random numbers. Then, he searches for the ultimate source of randomness.

Chain Film Festival New York, NY August 2023


Foodtown - this is a sketch I wrote for my Maude team Peach in 2020. It was performed at the UBCTNY Hell’s Kitchen theater.

Paint and Pinot - this is the first sketch I wrote for Peach. It was supposed to be featured on an industry showcase show put together by the UCB on March 12, 2020 (the night the theater shut down - Sad!)

I Am the Most New York - this is a music video I directed and edited for A Million Shetland Ponies. It's a Gregorian Chant song about the greatest city on Earth.

Song and Dance Man - for Ponyboy. What if someone's dad at Career Day was a "Song and Dance Man"?

Big Chair - For Ponyboy. I love prop comedy.


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email: jbronen [plus] website [at] gmail [dot] com

instagram: @jbronen


Note: I am not looking for / soliciting work related to software engineering at this time, thank you!